22 May 2015

UNICEF TANZANIA | Shuga and Sara Radios

UNICEF TANZANIA  |  Shuga and Sara Radios

Khanga Rue Media is currently developing two radio series aimed at Tanzania youth, both of which are pan-African initiatives.


KRM developed a 12 part radio drama modeled on the pan-African hit series. The show targets boys and girls age 15-25. It focuses on HIV prevention through realistic, at times raw, entertainment which deals with tough subjects such a condom negotiation, drugs/alcohol, transactional sex.


Similar to “Shuga”, this 100 part radio drama series is modeled on a similar character developed in South Africa and adapted globally (most notably in Bangladesh). Each episode carries a lesson across a range of topics aimed to help girls 10-15 deal with their toughest challenges. Topics include: violence and corporal punishment, transactional sex, puberty, health and hygiene, malaria prevention, to name a few.