28 Feb 2015

CRDB Bank | SimBanking Promo + Junior Jumbo

CRDB Bank | SimBanking Promo + Junior Jumbo


CRDB Bank has grown and prospered throughout the years and become one of the premier trusted banks in Tanzania. The bank recently launched the Junior Jumbo Account, a savings account opened and operated by a parent or guardian on behalf of a child. They wanted to create a campaign across print, radio and TV to increase awareness and the number of accounts opened.

The Hurdle: Not many families understand the importance and benefits of starting to save early for a child’s well being and future. We needed to find a way to have the importance of starting small and taking little steps, to resonate with the target audience to encourage them to open an account no matter how much money they had.

Solution: We produced a campaign across TV, Print, Radio and Digital along the theme of ‘Little by Little’ encouraging parents to open a Junior Jumbo account to start saving for their child.

Print Media

  • CRDB Junior Jumbo Ad03
  • CRDB Junior Jumbo Ad01

Radio Spot