05 Dec 2013

MeTL | Mo Carbonated Drinks

MeTL | Mo Carbonated Drinks

In 2014 METL launched its first line of carbonated soft-drinks. Khanga Rue Media was tasked with creating the key label logos for each new drink.

The main challenge was working in an over-crowded sector. With so much consumer choice, how do we make sure that our brand sticks out and stays in the consumer’s consideration set?

First, we set out to make a product line that was modern, bold, and distinct in look from the key competition. Secondly, we made sure that each label maintained both the manufacturers unique identity (“MO”) while giving each flavor it’s own label to match its taste.

MO lauched in May 2014 and has exploded into the market. It’s still too early to test how our labels have impacted its early success, but judging by brand visibility, it seems to be the right match for our client.

  • Mo Bottles 01
  • Mo Bottles 02