06 Nov 2013

Vodacom | TVCs

Vodacom | TVCs

Vodacom TV Commercial "Win a Motorcycle"

A man tasked with delivering a motorcycle to one of Vodacom's boda boda promotion winners has a momentary lapse into fantasy and imagines his life with a new motorcycle.

Vodacom Commercial "Checka Nao" Newscast

A newscaster can't keep her composure after receiving a text message that she won during Vodacom's Checka Nao promotion.

Vodacom "Pass" Commercial

Nothing sweeter than an unexpected triumph. A student passes his exam while the rest fail. Vodacom TZ campaign (adapted from India).

Vodacom Wajanja Commercial

Diamond, Ngassa, Juma Nature are spotted at a quiet nightclub making the place....well...less quiet.